Trujillo Travel Guide
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About Trujillo City

Trujillo City is the capital of the department La Libertad, the third largest city in Peru. It was founded in the desert oasis valley of Moche by the Spaniard conqueror Diego de Almagro on December 6th, 1534 (before the foundation of Lima), located near Chan Chan, capital of the pre-Inca Chimú Nation, in a valley of great cultural hegemony.


Trujillo was the first important city of Peru that proclaimed its independence of the Spaniards on December 20th, 1820.

Until mid XX Century, the wealth of this town was given in the agricultural production and its export, and from then on it began the industrialization and the trade; prevailing the agrvel_guide.htm" title="Trujillo Travel Guide">Trujillo Travel Guide