About Tarma


Tarma is an excellent destiny for people who search encounters with nature and with the ancestral tradition with Andean people.

Tarma is located in a fertile valley, with an excellent weather during all the year. With a non-polluted air, mixed with the eucalyptus, "sauco" and "retama" trees perfume.

Very important civilizations lived in this valley many years ago, from pre-Inca cultures to the Inca Culture. Important archaeological remains can be found here.

The Spanish foundation of this city was in 1534. In the little extension of the city we can observe very beautiful colonial buildings. During the government of President General Odría (1948-55), who was born in Tarma, some buildings were rebuild and modified, nowadays they do not have the charm they used to have during colonial times.

A beautiful country surrounds Tarma, with a colorful variety of flowers. Fertile land, which cultivation fields reach the mountain slopes. They "andenes" are well preserved since Inca times.

Tarma Guide

Santa Ana Cathedral : Rebuild by General Odría, on the remains of the Main Church during 1950. One of its towers with a great clock, donated by Marshal Ramón Castilla during the past century. There are many Christian images with great value. During Holly Week, this Church is the central celebration spot. It gives shelter to the mausoleum of General Odría. Located in front of the Main Square.

"Capilla del Señor de la Cárcel" (Master of Jail 's Chapel): The Chapel of "Virgen de la Merced", also called "Señor de la Cárcel". It is a colonial building those shelters the antiques of Santa Ana, donated by Pope Pio XI. In its interior is located a painting of a crucified Christ, originating the feast of the "Señor de la Cárcel".